UnityWorks School Program

Involvement in the Program begins with our five-day Summer Training Institute designed to prepare school site teams with the knowledge, tools and strategies needed to develop an effective Diversity Action Plan.

Student Multicultural Club

For example, as part of its plan, one high school established a student-led multicultural club, which began by learning about the different ethnic and cultural backgrounds of its own members, and then organized a variety of service projects to assist the local community.

An elementary school created a Unity Wall with pictures of diverse people working and playing together, and organized an art and essay contest on the theme: “No Room in My Heart for Prejudice.”

Annual Spring Conference

At the end of each school year, the site teams come together for an annual spring conference. The gathering provides an opportunity for teams to network and share best practices, to review progress and challenges, and to consult on collaborative projects for the following year.

Rather than asking teams to use a specific curriculum or follow standardized directives from above, UnityWorks fosters a grassroots approach that empowers each team to create its own blueprint for change.

For a brief overview of the UnityWorks School Program, including site team requirements and highlights from the school activities, read/download:

UnityWorks brochure
School Program Info Sheet
Sample School Activities
Letters of Support

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Intro to the UnityWorks School Program (10-min.)

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