In-Person Training on “The Reality of Race”

Join us at the National Center for Race Amity’s 2023 #RaceAmityConference, November 9-11, at the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel in Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn District, GA, where UnityWorks will be presenting a daylong Pre-Conference Institute on “The Reality of Race.

In this fast-paced, interactive workshop, participants will explore the concept of race using readings, demos, video clips, music, stories, group discussion and more. The training is appropriate for educators, parents, community members and students (college age and above). All welcome!


  • What is race and how many races are there?
  • Skin color, colorblindness and the story in our genes
  • The history of race in education, society, religion and law
  • Civil rights, eugenics and the one drop rule
  • Race amity, racial justice and the other tradition
  • Building empathy through sharing of personal stories
  • What can I do to help create positive change?

The conference includes the Race Amity Medal of Honor Awards Program, a tour of the MLK National Historical Site, and a special screening of “Jump At the Sun,” an award-winning documentary on Zora Neale Hurston. UnityWorks will also be leading a breakout session on “Teaching Unity: Educating Teachers About the Oneness of Humankind.” Click here for details.

Live Online Workshops

These interactive professional development trainings combine structured content with readings, video clips, quizzes, breakout sessions, group discussion, polls, whiteboard activities, equity tools, and links to additional resources. The workshops are aligned with WA State’s CCDEI equity-based clock hour requirements for teacher and administrator recertification.

Meet our workshop presenters

(1) Diversity, Equity, Inclusion


  • Key diversity concepts
  • Stereotypes in society today
  • Prejudice: causes, consequences and cures
  • Unconscious bias and institutional racism
  • Equity resources and tools
  • Creating a culture of inclusion
  • Successful programs and activities

(2) Culture & Communication


  • Key elements of deep and surface culture
  • Mainstream and marginalized students
  • Communication exercises and demos
  • Defining cultural competence
  • Sharing of cultural objects
  • Culturally responsive teaching

(3) The Reality of Race


  • Race in science and religion
  • Race in history, society, education and law
  • The eugenics movement and its impact
  • Skin color and color blindness
  • Our personal stories about race
  • Race amity and the other tradition

(4) Book Study

“We Can’t Teach What We Don’t Know:
White Teachers, Multiracial Schools”

During this study of Gary Howard’s book for K-12 educators, we examine the powerful impact of race in our classrooms, and the resulting gaps in achievement, discipline referrals and graduation rates. We also consider some underlying causes leading to such unequal outcomes, and discuss ways to make our school systems more equitable and inclusive for all.

Online workshop fees: $199/person for a minimum of 25 people.
Ask about our discounted rate for 25 or more participants.​

6.5 Washington State clock hours available for each workshop,
which can be scheduled over 3 sessions.

Cancellation and refund policy​

To arrange a dedicated workshop for your school or district:
Heather Hudson,, 877-899-1913

Summer Diversity Training Institute

Currently on hold due to the pandemic

 This annual five-day professional learning event focuses on the knowledge, tools and strategies needed to reduce prejudice, to promote racial justice, to improve school culture and student learning, and to design and carry out a successful Diversity Action Plan. For more information, read/download the Summer Institute Information Sheet.