Our colorful PowerPoint shows are designed for kids. Great for youth and adults too! Each PowerPoint must be purchased separately. Download to a laptop or desktop computer for best results. Not designed for Keynote or Google Slides. ​ Click here for how to view them without PowerPoint.

one human race

One Human Race

PowerPoint #1
48 slides, download

This program introduces the idea that people are alike and different in many ways, but there is only one human race, and we share one planet – our common home. Also available in Russian and Spanish (below).

Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity

PowerPoint #2
61 slides, download

This program compares the members of our human family to the flowers of a garden, each with its own special beauty. It also considers the value of diversity, the need for unity, and the difference between unity and sameness.

The Colors We Are

PowerPoint #3
37 slides, download

This program looks at the variation in human skin colors, the problem with labeling people by color, how skin color is inherited from our biological parents, and the role of melanin in protecting us from the sun.

Teaching Unity

PowerPoint #4
27 slides, download

This program reviews concepts from the first three slide shows on Oneness, Diversity, and The Colors We Are. It also poses discussion questions to encourage deeper thinking and social action.

Free with purchase of the Teaching Unity book.

Overcoming Prejudice

PowerPoint #5
53 slides, download

This program makes it easy to explain prejudice to children. Topics include a simple definition with concrete examples, ways to overcome prejudice, and discussion questions to encourage deeper thinking.

Now available in
Russian and Spanish

PowerPoint #1, One Human Race
48 slides, download

What People Are Saying

“I LOVE this new PowerPoint. ​It brought tears to my eyes.”
Dr. Susan Walker
Middle School Teacher, ​Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much for the PPTs on Unity! This is going to help more than you can think.”
Alem Hamzik
Youth Leadership Program, Bosnia

“Brilliant and lotsa fun!  You may have designed it for kids but adults would benefit too!”
Aggie Toyoda, Yakima, WA

“We have downloaded all the power point presentations and they are wonderful!  ‘So powerful is the light of unity, it can illumine the whole earth.’ What greater service can one give.”
Cynthia Catches, Director
Oceti Wakan – Sacred Fireplace
Pine Ridge, South Dakota

​”The power points are excellent. The more these are in the hands of the friends, the more they will feel confident to lift up their voices and share the potent messages you have captured in these presentations. You are producing the stuff we need!”
Bob Harris

“I have downloaded all of your Unity PPTs, and showed them to my very diverse grade 5 and 6 classes (approximately 150 students). They were extremely receptive and fully engaged in discussion. They got it completely, and were excited to be validated so fully. Thank you for your service to teachers and students.”
Frances Gregory, Teacher Librarian
Spruce Elementary School
Lynnwood, WA