Workshop Presenters

Dr. Randie Gottlieb: Dr. Gottlieb is the UnityWorks Founding CEO and Lead Trainer. She has been a classroom teacher at every level from pre-K through postgraduate, a school principal, university professor, curriculum developer and diversity trainer.

Her ​work has taken her to over 30 countries, including 11 years in Puerto Rico, where she administered an international training center, taught cross-cultural communication workshops for people from around the world, produced Spanish-language community-service radio and television programs, and founded an elementary school. She is the author of over 14 books and curriculum guides, including the award-winning Teaching Unity, and holds degrees in Education from Cal State, Boston University and Harvard.

Dr. Daudi Abe: Dr. Abe is a professor, author and historian. He has taught at all levels from kindergarten through graduate school, including the last 16 years as a Humanities instructor at Seattle Central College. He also serves as the History of Race & Policing Curriculum Consultant for the Washington State Police Academy, Faculty Coordinator for the Academy for Rising Educators at SCC, and a speaker for Humanities Washington.

Dr. Abe holds a a PhD in Education from the University of Washington. He has been featured in local and national media, including The Seattle Times, MSNBC and NPR. His latest book is “Emerald Street: A History of Hip-Hop in Seattle.

Lorenzo Alvarado: Mr. Alvarado is Assistant Principal at Davis High School in Yakima, WA. He has also worked as a middle school Principal in Yakima and in Pasco, where he was President of the school district’s Multicultural Affairs Committee. Mr. Alvarado holds a B.A. in math education from Central Washington University and a Master’s in Education from the University of Washington. While in the Kent School District, he was a leader with the Cultural Role Model team.

He also earned an ESL endorsement from Heritage University and completed a principalship program at Harvard University. Mr. Alvarado received the WA State Golden Acorn Outstanding Educator Award, the WA State Crystal Apple Award for Excellence in Education, and the Martin Luther King Service Award for individuals who have shown exemplary leadership.

Dawnée Valencia: Dawnée Valencia is a Financial Educator and Coach based in Los Angeles, CA. Her mission is to educate families and individuals in how money works as a tool.

For almost two decades, she has also worked with youth traveling the country speaking about Race Unity, Diversity and Inclusion through performance art: dance, poetry, song/rap, and dramatic presentations. She is currently a Facilitator for a weekly national online discussion on Race.

“My Story” Speakers

Guest speakers serve to personalize the training content by sharing stories and answering questions about their own lives.

Top row: Mary Looney, Steve Mitchell, Katrina Walsey, Maria “Zuky” Alvarado, Ravien Jones
Bottom row: Dr. Roy Gondo, Maria Cuevas, Alan Matsumoto, Ester Huey, Tcharles Anders